Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions represent a set of obligations that bind the EssayWritery.com - later referred to as Company, the buyer - later referred to as Customer, and the executor - later referred to as Writer. By using the services of EssayWritery.com you by default agree to the undermentioned terms. If you find any of these terms unacceptable for some reason, you should immediately cease all activity at the website.

  1. Set of Terms and Definitions
    1. Customer is a person who uses the services of EssayWritery.com to have their order completed according to their requirements, for their own use.
    2. Writer is a person who performs the completion of the order according to the instructions provided by the Customer.
    3. Order is a digital representation of a paid service that the Company is obliged to provide according the specification given by the Customer.
    4. Company is the entity that provides paid services to the Customers based on their requirements.
    5. Support Team/Agent is the part of the Company that acts as an intermediary between the Customer and the Writer.
    6. Order Status is the stage of the order progress.
    7. Quality Assurance Department (QAD) is another part of the Company that ensures the quality of the services provided by the Company.
    8. Messaging System is the internal feature that enables the communication between the Customer, Support and the Writer.
  2. Accepting the Terms and Conditions
    1. The Company gives you the opportunity to receive the services on condition that you agree to all the Terms and Conditions. Your use of the Company services denotes your absolute consent with the conditions. Please note that these conditions can be changed occasionally without any notice from us. Please keep up on the updates.
    2. “Use” of our services includes any activity you show at the website: logging in, communication with Support team, making financial operations, or interaction with the Company in any way.
    3. The Company will coordinate the flow of information on the website according to these Terms and Conditions.
    4. You cannot use the website if any or all of the undermentioned conditions occur:
      • You cannot legally sign any forms of contracts;
      • You are under the age of 15*;
      • You have been banned from using EssayWritery.com;
      • Your email address is invalid;
    5. *If you are under the age of 18 but over the age of 15 - you can use the website under the supervision of the account owner of legal age. Please note that the account owner is responsible for all actions related to the account.
    6. NB: Any transfer of rights and obligations will require a written consent.
    7. In case you face any of the above-mentioned conditions – the Company retains the right to deny any attempts of registration.
  3. Services
    1. EssayWritery.com is a custom writing service that provides quality academic writing to the Customers. The representatives of the Company are obligated to control the timely delivery and the proper completion of the order based on the instructions provided by the Customer.
    2. Writers work on a freelance basis with the Company and are free to apply to any writing job they feel confident they can complete. Every writer undergoes rigorous testing before gaining access to active orders. Failure to provide quality content on more than one order provokes disciplinary measures.
    3. Through the Order Form a Customer can place an order with a set of instructions and additional materials (if needed) to facilitate the completion of the given assignment. Once the Writer is approved for the job they are bound by these Terms and Conditions to complete the job without any deviations from the original instructions. All rights are reserved by the customer upon the completion of the order with them being the sole owner of the completed product.
    4. By using the website, you acknowledge that some information on the website may be considered advertisement.
  4. Order Progress
    1. Use of a valid email address and a valid phone number is highly recommended for the purposes of easy communication. The registration process cannot be completed without this information.
    2. Once you place the order, the writers start bidding and offer their price for the order, based on their level. No fees are added to the order from our side.
    3. A number of writers can apply for the job, however only one can be chosen for the task. Once the writer with the appropriate background and skills is chosen, they start working on the assignment. Please note that they may ask for clarification during the process.
    4. For the purposes of communication, EssayWritery.com has an integrated messaging system. It allows quick communication among the Customer, Writer and Support. You will receive a notification to your email address whenever there is a new message for you. For security reasons, please refrain from sending personal information to the writers, unless it is required for successful completion of the task.
    5. Order Statuses. The active order can be in several statuses that denote its current state. These statuses are:
      • Editing – the order is being edited by the Customer.
      • Bidding – the order is still not paid and the desired writer has not been chosen.
      • Payment needed - the order is still not paid and not processed.
      • In Process – the order is being written.
      • Delivered – the paper has been completed and sent to the Customer, the writer is waiting for the money release.
      • Completed – the order has been reviewed and accepted by the Customer.
      • Canceled by customer – the order has been cancelled for whatever reason by the Customer.
      • Canceled automatically – the order was canceled if not paid within 24 hours from the date of the last change of the order by the System.
  5. Delivery of the Product Copyright
    1. EssayWritery.com is not responsible for the paper delivery failure, when it occurs due to Internet connection disruptions, email-related technical issues etc. We also cannot be held responsible for the Customer’s failure to download the product. Yet the Support Team is always willing to help, if they can.
    2. The delivered product is done according to your initial specifications. Should you find the paper completed improperly – you can ask for a revision.
  6. Revisions
    1. Should the product not meet the Customer’s specifications - they are entitled for as many free revisions as it takes for the job to meet the requirements.
    2. Free revisions can be requested in two cases:

      - within 3-day period starting from the moment of delivery of final paper*

      * If no revision was requested up to the due date, money will be released automatically. In this case no free revisions are possible afterwards

      - within 3-day period starting from the moment of 100% money release.
    3. Should revisions bring no significant improvements the Customer can request the refund. Please be advised that if the order had a deadline up to 24 hours, at least 1 revision must be performed for the Customer to be able to request a refund. For the orders with the deadline of 48+ hours, at least 2 revisions must be completed.
  7. Acknowledgements
    1. By using the website, you confirm that the information you provided is up-to-date and valid and you do not intend to use our services for any illegal purposes.
  8. Financial Matters
    1. Services the Company provides are pre-paid, meaning that the order is activated from the moment the payment is confirmed by the billing operator, and is reserved for this particular order.
    2. You may be required to pay the taxes according to the Taxation Policy of your country of residence. We do not charge any extra fees for the use of our services, other than the cost of the order itself.
    3. Should you decide to cancel the order, its price can be either refunded or stored on your account for future use. However, pay attention, that the full refund is guaranteed only when cancellation is requested within 30 minutes after the writer was hired.
    4. Depending on the situation you can receive either a full refund or a partial one. In most cases these situations are very peculiar and require thorough investigation to estimate the possible compensation.
    5. In case of the Chargeback, the Company reserves the right to use the paper we completed for personal purposes and may be published online. Additionally, the communication with the bank will be kept by representative of our Company to dispute the Chargeback.
  9. Sources of Information/References
    1. Should any information/material be needed for the successful completion of the project – the Client is the one responsible for providing it. Neither free revision, nor refund will be possible if the order fails due to lack of materials.
  10. Privacy Policy
    1. Though we do collect some personal information, such as name, email and phone number - it is not disclosed to anyone and we uphold our Privacy Policy to keep this information secret. Please, see our Privacy policy for further details.
    2. By leaving feedback, i.e., writing a testimonial, you agree that we can post it on our website for marketing purposes.
    3. You are entitled to request for removal of your testimonial at any given time.
  11. Lawful Use
    1. By using EssayWritery.com you confirm that no materials taken from or received on the site will be used for illicit or wrongful activity, that violates local, or international laws. You agree to the following terms:
      • To not harm EssayWritery.com by wrongful use of the materials obtained here.
      • Comply with Company rules.
      • To not share your account with anybody – limit the use of your account to you only.
      • Conduct yourself with tact and respect towards the representatives of the Company.
      • To not use any materials from the website, apart from your order, without the explicit permission.
      • To not advertise any information to minors.
  12. Disclaimer
    1. EssayWritery.com cannot be held accountable for any wrongful use of the received product, which may result in expulsion/suspension from the course, or failure of the course. Our products serve as a reference that can be used for Client’s personal purposes, be it immediate submission or use in further research.
    2. EssayWritery.com bears no responsibility for any and all potential damage that may occur due to using the services of any companies affiliated with us, since we do not have any control over their actions and policies. Please acquaint yourself with their respective policies to be aware of any potential risks.
    3. EssayWritery.com bears no responsibility for any and all potential harm to the Customer’s hardware that may occur as a result of the use of any downloaded files.
    4. EssayWritery.com cannot guarantee that information posted on the website is constantly up-to-date as the website and its content is continually improving.
  13. Liability
    1. By using the website EssayWritery.com and its services, the Customer confirms that all the information provided, all the transactions and every decision was made of the Customer’s volition and no company representative will be held accountable for any and all potential damage or harm caused by the use of EssayWritery.com services.
    2. By using the website EssayWritery.com and its services, the Customer confirms that the Company cannot be held accountable for any and all damage caused by any third parties affiliated with EssayWritery.com.
    3. EssayWritery.com makes no claims that their services comply with all international laws and can be used in any location. Using EssayWritery.com is always Customer’s own choice, that Customer is responsible for.
  14. Digital Millennium Copyright Act
    1. According to Digital Millennium Copyright Act, EssayWritery.com retains the right to sue the Customer in case any information belonging to our Company has been illegally acquired. Any unacknowledged use of the information belonging to the Company will be considered as offence and violation of these Terms and Conditions. The reverse also applies. To file a complaint, you need to make the following steps:
      • Create a complaint with a signature of the owner of the content that you believe is used unlawfully or in violation of Copyright.
      • Provide the proof of the unlawful use of the content in question.
      • Provide ample proof of the Company’s use of the alleged content.
      • Provide the proof that the use of the content in question is not authorized by the owner.
      • Confirm that all the information and claims are up-to-date and relevant.
  15. Restitution
    1. The Customer will not hold EssayWritery.com and any of its representatives accountable for any and all potential damage and harm that can be the result of or be related to the misdoings or negligence from the Writer’s side, or any third parties associated with the writer.
    2. The Restitution will be in effect even after you cease to use the services of the Company.
  16. Account Termination Conditions
    1. The Company may terminate your account on the grounds of violating these Terms and Conditions, i.e. the information you provided when signing in to the website turns out to be inaccurate or irrelevant.
    2. The account can be temporarily frozen if there is suspicion of fraudulent activity.
    3. If any proof of fraudulent financial activity is found, the Company will be forced to return the funds to the Client immediately, and freeze the account for further investigation.
    4. Any and all attempts at harming the Company and their Customers gives the Company the right to deactivate the account permanently.
    5. Any violations of these Terms and Conditions are a sufficient reason for the Company to terminate the account and you, thus, forfeit your deposit.
  17. Waiver
    1. This agreement comes into effect from the moment the Customer first uses the Company’s services in any way and binds the two sides to follow these Terms and Conditions. Should any disagreement regarding these Terms and Conditions arise, the Customer is to contact the Company immediately for further clarification or possible negotiations.
  18. Law Information
    1. These Terms and Conditions comply with the local laws.
  19. Disputes and Legal Claims
    1. Any and all legal claims of disputes will be resolved according to the local laws.
  20. Contact Information.
    1. Any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions or Information queries should be forwarded to us via e-mail, using the address [email protected]